Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pictures from "Tropical Craft Day"

Here are some pictures from the Tropical Craft Day held at Painting Paradise on Saturday, April 26, 2008! Mahalo to everyone who attended!!!

Here's the studio before the event.

Making cards & playing with Rubik's Cube!

Showing her beautiful "sand art" sunshine key chain!

Creating an "under the sea" sticker scene!

The "big" prize!

Mr. Penguin, Mrs. Moo-Moo and baby Penguin
say "Let's grind out!"

Colorful sand.


Caribbean Colors said...

Julie, you are a really good teacher. I would never have been able to teach myself the oriental style of painting if I hadn't taken your bamboo class. Its just not the same when you're reading about a technique from a book, a hands on class is essential.

Marionette said...

Lee, Don't forget that you are a good teacher too. Who do you think taught me silk painting?????
Thanks for the comments!