Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Art Tips from Marionette - Improve Your Sketching Skills!

From my June Newsletter:
Good drawing and sketching skills are a must for all levels of artists. The saying,
"Practice makes perfect" is very applicable. The more you sketch, the quicker and
more accurate you'll become.

I recommend purchasing a sketchbook or make a quick one by stapling some sheets
of computer paper together. Next, set aside some time every day to sketch (like
right after breakfast or dinner). Try sketching ordinary objects around the house
like scissors, a hammer, a brush, etc... This is a good exercise and will loosen
you up.

Next, practice making thumbnail sketches (usually 1.5" to 2.5" in any direction).
Set up a still life or sketch your backyard. With thumbnail sketching the focus
is on eliminating a lot of the details and only sketching what is important (shadows/highlights) so that you still recognize the subject. This exercise will teach you to simplify.

Finally, practice sketching your family. Get someone to do short poses, or catch
a family member napping on the couch! In any case have fun and loosen up!

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