Thursday, December 27, 2012

Free Origami Peace Crane Workshop

Please join me at my studio, Painting Paradise, in Waimea on Sunday, December 30, 2012 at noon for an afternoon of Origami Peace Crane folding to honor the victims and families of Sandy Hook. No folding experience is needed as I will demonstrate and have directions handy. 

I will be serving tea and coffee and some pupus and will provide the paper.  Feel free to bring a snack to share and some origami paper (if you have any extra).  

Map to my studio:

Aloha and Peace,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Art and Wine Thursdays

Aloha from the beautiful Kaua'i Beach Resort,

Our monthly Art & Wine event returns next week Thursday, December 6th ……and tonight we‘ve got something special for our attendees!
For the month of December we are featuring a special evening of Art & Sake!

About this month’s event…
The price to attend Art & Wine is $15 per person (tax & gratuity additional) which includes the wine tasting and a light menu of served appetizers.
This price also includes a dining coupon good for a 15% food discount off of any entrĂ©e purchased for dinner at the Naupaka Terrace.  The coupon will be good for 1 month from the date of this event and is not combinable with any other offer. It will be given out at the event to individuals who pay to attend - limit 1 coupon per person. This discount offers attendees a great opportunity to enjoy the art & wine, then stay on-site for dinner that evening or return later to dine.

About the Art
Kauai-based artist Marionette Taboniar will be on-site this evening with a mini-exhibition that includes her new collection of reverse acrylic paintings on plexiglass, featuring beautiful underwater scenes!  "Reverse" acrylic means it has to be painted in a reverse method from the normal way of painting.  In other words, the details have to be painted first with the background added last.  Marionette is currently painting underwater scenes of turtles and fish using this method and adds a touch of "gold" paint which gives the piece a sparkle when held in the light at the right angle.

Marionette fell in love with Kauai in 1992 and has been painting "Hawaiian Style" ever since.  Her works include the techniques of acrylics, encaustics, silk painting, watercolors, and pastels and can be found in public and private collections around the world.  Her latest commercial commission was "Tropical Bamboo II" a 22"x30" watercolor for Design Studio of Honolulu this summer.  She has also created numerous designs for Kauai Coffee Company.

For over five years Marionette has been operating her studio, Painting Paradise, in Waimea where she teaches a variety of classes.   In her spare time she enjoys fishing and going to the beach with her husband, Joe.  For more information about Marionette and her art, please visit

About the Sake Tasting
Our topic for the evening is "A Taste of Sake”.  Here are our featured wines:

˜™   RYO
Ryo is sprightly fresh sake smooth and luxurious as it enters, leading to a subtle bitterness for an impression of dry sake. 
Type:  Junmai Ginjo (Super Premium Grade)
Brewery:  Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Region:  Sanin, Tottori
Sake Meter Value:  +15 (Very Dry)
Alcohol:  16.2%
Polishing Rate:  Below 60%
Variety of Rice:  Not less than 15% of Koji rice
Serving Recommendations:  Chilled, Room Temperature

Made by a brief aging period and pasteurization right before bottling, Fresh and Light Namachozo is characterized by a refreshingly cool aroma and mild taste.  Smooth, mild sake with refreshing aroma, aged at a cool temperature before pasteurized.
Type:  Junmai Namachozo (aged for six months, pasteurized before bottling)
Brewery:  Tatsuuma-Honke Brewing Co., Ltd.
Region:  Kinki, Hyogo
Sake Meter Value:  +3 (Dry)
Alcohol:  13-14%
Polishing Rate:  70%
Variety of Rice:  Gohyakumangoku, Hyogo Yumenishiki
Serving Recommendations:  Chilled, Room Temperature
Food Pairing:  White fish sashimi, usuzukuri (thin sliced white fish), sukiyaki, teppanyaki

Ozeki Dry is a smooth, dry and light-bodied sake with refreshing fruity flavor.  Tastes best when served chilled.
Type:  Junmai (Made with only rice and water.)
Brewery:  Ozeki Sake (USA), Inc.
Sake Meter Value:  +8 (Pretty Dry)
Alcohol:  14.5%
Polishing Rate:  70%
Variety of Rice:  Short Grain S-102
Serving Recommendation:  Chilled
Food Pairing:  Fried Chicken, Seafood, Poured over Oysters

Non-filtered sake with rice flavor and mellow finish.  Velvety in texture with a pleasant fragrance of freshly steamed rice. This Nigori sake (roughly filtered sake) a traditional favorite. Creamy with a mild sweetness, this sake is deliciously unique.
Type:   Junmai Nigori (sake that has not been pressed fully from the fermenting rice solids)
Brewery:  Tatsuuma-Honke Brewing Co., Ltd.
Region:  Kinki, Hyogo
Sake Meter Value:  -13 (Very Sweet)
Alcohol:  14-15%
Polishing Rate:  60%
Variety of Rice:  Nihonbare, Koshihikari
Serving Recommendation:  Chilled
Food Pairing:  Yakitori, Japanese-style beef steak, tempura, fried foods

About the Food
Appetizers prepared by Executive Chef Mark Sassone and his culinary team will be served to accompany the featured wines of the evening.

About the Music
Live music with Jonah Cummings begins at 6:00 pm in Shutters Lounge that evening.

See you there!