Monday, January 16, 2023

New Year - New Art! Kauai Fine Art for 2023 by Marionette Taboniar

We made it to 2023, and I've been busy creating lots of new art!  My favorite paintings are the two beach scenes with ladies because they remind me of me and my personal connection to the ocean and to Kauai.  Let me know which one of my new paintings is your favorite.  I'd love to hear.  I hope you will enjoy these new creations!

"Living the Dream" is now available as a 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 or 12x16 print.  Custom sizes are also available:

Whether you were born and raised on Kauai, moved here, or are a visitor, you can be "Living the Dream" like this young lady and feel just as exuberant and blissful every time you dip your toes in the ocean.



"First Whale Sighting" is now available as a 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 or 12x16 print.  Custom sizes are also available:

You know that special feeling you experienced the first time you ever saw a whale breach in person? It's like the 4th of July, Christmas, and New Years all rolled up into one!


"First Breach" is an original acrylic painting on canvas 16"x20".
It's the beginning of whale watching season, and this fella is making his first splash in the ocean on a stormy day. I always enjoy painting these magnificent creatures to welcome them back to the Hawaiian islands every year.
"Tako Confetti" is an 11"x14" original acrylic painting on canvas.  

Lately I've been intrigued by the shapes and colors of the octopus tentacles and had to try my hand at a colorful abstract featuring what we call in Hawaii tako. 
Mahalo for taking a peek at my art!  There are many more originals and prints at my main website:
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Have a fun and safe 2023!  Aloha from Kauai,










Monday, October 31, 2022

2023 Kauai Wall Calendars are Here!


These two calendars feature my latest work and are my new designs for the 2023 calendars.  The Kauai Treasures calendar features landscapes and seascapes of Kauai and the Lovely Kauai Muses calendar features lovely ladies of Kauai and tropical flowers.  You can get them at my Zazzle shop  and each one is fully customizable!  Each is printed on sturdy high-quality paper with vibrant full-color, full-bleed printing.  Choose from three different sizes, seven different wire binding colors, language, and holidays.

Plus, all of my older designs are now available as 2023 calendars too!!  Choose from ones that feature the plantation cottages of Kauai, tropical flowers, hula girls, scenery, seascapes, and ocean life.

With Zazzle you can also sign up for their Zazzle Plus Free Shipping program.  Right now they are offering a 90 day free trial.


Hope you enjoy these calendars all year long!



Thursday, September 29, 2022

Dolphin Rescue Short Story by Marionette Taboniar and New Art


Dolphin Rescure Fine Art Print now available at:

 Dolphin Rescue by Marionette Taboniar copyright ©2022

On a peaceful sunny day, Kailani, a young Hawaiian mermaid came to the rescue of her dolphin friend, Nohea. She had just been visiting her home, the Wai'ahu'akua sea cave near the Na Pali Coast. While washing her hair at the waterfall of God's sacred water, she heard the dolphin struggling to breathe.

She quickly swam right up to his side and saw that his blow hole was blocked. Luckily, her seahorse friend Kaimana, the lio kai was near by. The lio kai's special power is to help those who can't help themselves in the water.

With one hand Kailani embraced Kaimana and let his healing energy flow through her to Nohea. Within seconds the obstruction came flying out, and he was finally able to catch a deep breath. He smiled and thanked Kailani and Kaimana for their help and offered them a ride back to shore where they talked story the rest of the day.

However, this wouldn't be the last time that Kailani and Kaimana would come to the rescue of their fellow sea creatures. Over time they helped many friends escape tangled fishing line and other trash. Kailani now spends her days swimming the ocean off the coast of Kauai collecting and safely disposing of rubbish left behind by the people of planet earth.

If you listen closely, you can sometimes hear her singing her special ocean healing song as she swims with the dolphins. Look closely and you may even see her flip and splash her tail as she dives deep down into another sea cave on her way to a new adventure.



 Blue Baby Beach Cottage 14"x18" Original Acrylic Painting

Have fun browsing my website for original art and prints.  There are hundreds of images to choose from.  They are available in 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and 12x16 direct from me.  You can also inquire about larger sizes, prints on canvas, or prints on metal.

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I hope you have enjoyed the paintings and the story. Have a warm and beautiful day. Aloha from the Garden Island of Kauai!



Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Fun and Whimsical New Art by Kauai Artist Marionette Taboniar

 Lately I've been working on a colorful and whimsical style with my acrylic painting.  I'm really trying to capture how the island of Kauai makes me feel - spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  I hope you will enjoy these new creations!

Bliss - 12"x16" Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Ahhhh, the feeling of sheer bliss is experiencing the natural beauty of the islands - especially the colors and sweet aromas of the tropical flowers. Drink in the heavenliness around you and feel the joy of life!


 Numila Camp Crotons - 14"x18" Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

This was my favorite view of our front porch while living in Numila Camp (also known as the McBryde Camp). My husband lived in this camp on Kauai for over 50 years (while working for the sugar plantation and then for coffee), until we had to move out because the land was sold to developers. We had so many great memories of living in that camp, but I will always remember Joe sitting on the porch feeding the cats while the morning sun streamed through the colorful croton plants and illuminated the leaves. 


 Tropical Poipu Garden - 14"x18" Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

This beautiful, tropical scene reminds me of a fairy tale garden. The lady that designed this garden has done a wonderful job picking out just the right orchids and tropical plants to create a peaceful oasis to enjoy when you are on vacation. It is located in Poipu across from Baby Beach. 


 Beauty at the Beach - 12"x16" Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

This lovely young lady is enjoying the breathtaking views along the sand-dune cliffs of the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail. She is experiencing the strong trade winds for the first time as she catches hold of her flower lei and the winds whip up the edge of her dress. She is enamored by Kauai's natural beauty and knows this place will forever hold a special place in her heart. 

 I also have almost 400 prints from paintings that have already sold.  They are available in 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and 12x16 direct from me.  You can also inquire about larger sizes, prints on canvas, or prints on metal.

Check out my product shops for lots of household items with my images on them and my social media links at

Mahalo and Have a Warm and Sunny Tropical Day!!





Friday, May 13, 2022

Marionette's New Goddess Series of Paintings


Goddess of Confidence Original Acrylic Painting 

Find your inner Goddess! This is the Goddess of Confidence. The star (our sun) is radiating positive energy to lead her toward her life's journey and purpose. It also radiates clarity, deep inner trust, and guidance. The water flowing from the waterfall will teach her to trust her feelings in a spontaneous and positive way. The unfurling gardenia in her hair is the unfolding of life to grow into a confident, self-loving being. The butterflies represent self-transformation. 


Goddess of Compassion Original Acrylic Painting

Be your inner Goddess! Here we see the Goddess of Compassion. She embodies empathy, healing, warm-heartedness, strength, kindness and gentleness. She is seen unfurling from a hibiscus flower which represents elegant femininity, beauty, joy and nature. The bees are her divine messengers who nurture and protect. She uses the cup of radiant light to spread love without judgement in a sensitive and pure way.



Goddess of Peace - Giclee prints on watercolor paper in various sizes

 This is the Goddess of Peace. She is seen here embracing the earth in her most transformative hula dance to bring a positive awakening and transformation towards peace and good will throughout our planet. The dove is delivering a divine message of hope to heal the earth and bring it into balance with nature. The sunflowers are a symbol of peace, longevity, and universal joy. They represent the sun which warms us with it's loving rays. 

Goddess of Love with Wisdom - Giclee prints on watercolor paper in various sizes 

Here we see the Goddess of Love with Wisdom. She harnesses the emotional energy of the moon shining through a veil of misty clouds. She is the feminine - the Yin energy. The skirts of her dress are the waves crashing on the shore being pulled by the feminine moon power to offer love with wisdom. In the center of her dress is the lotus blossom which represents her ability to give as well as receive love in a wise way. The Hawaiian pueo soaring above represents her ability to receive spiritual messages and to listen to internal guidance.


Goddess of Intuition - Giclee prints on watercolor paper in various sizes

Find your inner Goddess! This is the Goddess of Intuition. She harnesses both the yin and yang energies of the moon and sun as she balances the soft with the strong. Her intuition is very deep and ever present like the waters of the ocean. She is independent, lustrous and compassionate. She intensely assesses balance and harmony. The honu represents resourcefulness as he can go long distances but always finds his home on the beach. The two plumeria flowers in her hair represent change, the two antherium flowers at her waist represent love, and the two doves in the sky represent peace.  

I hope you have enjoyed these new Goddess paintings! 

Aloha from Kauai,




Sunday, January 30, 2022

Original Acrylic Paintings by Marionette

I've been really getting into playing with the bold colors of my acrylic paints.  I hope you will enjoy these new paintings!

Blazing Kauai Sunset

Frolicking Dolphins

Baby Sea Turtles at Polihale Beach

Plantation Cottage with Crotons

Mahalo and have a warm and sunny day!



Sunday, January 2, 2022

A Little Poetry for the Soul

Happy New Year!  It's that time again for New Year Resolutions, and for 2022 I have decided to continue writing short stories from time to time and also to try my hand at some poetry.  Below I have a couple of traditional poems, four haikus, and a blitz style poem.  Enjoy!  

I am an ocean 

by Marionette Taboniar


I am an ocean

Riding the wave of strife

Deep sea in motion

Consciousness submerged in life


I am the teal sea

Afloat in wide knowledge

Wishing to be free

Awareness, hope pay homage


I am the sea salt

Kindhearted, floating soul

Swimming in deep thought

Inspiration fills this bowl


I am aqua blue

Feeling, being, living

Drifting out of view




Four Island Style Haiku  

by Marionette Taboniar


May day is lei day

Stringing tropical flowers

Aloha Spirit



Napping in the sand

Little honu dreams of peace

Shhh, do not disturb




Green ti leaves swaying

Hula hands talking story

Entrances my soul




Shimmering fish tail

Salty sweet lips – curvy hips

Mermaid of the sea




A Poet’s Blitz

by Marionette Taboniar


Nothing to fear

Nothing to sense

Sense of adventure

Sense of wonder

Wonder women

Wonder where?

Where are you?

Where it’s at

At a loss

At heart

Heart breaking


Beat of the drum

Beat poets

Poets rock!




by Marionette Taboniar


There is nothing to fear

Magical like the fool

Transcendence is my tool


Butterfly shapes my year

Health, well-being and love

Compassion is the dove


Crocodile births me clear

Energy is on fire

Radiance, I desire


Dionysus is near

Fruitfulness giving birth

Creative is my worth


Tiger roaring, I hear

Startled, shaken, not dread

Courageousness, heart and head

Vultures swoop and appear

Use and oppose upon

Be cautious until gone


Adventure, wonder, cheer

Be who you are – no fear




Copyright © 2022 Marionette Taboniar.

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