Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Age to be Creative

Retirement. What a wonderful time. No more kids (well, maybe grandkids) and no more work! What a great concept, but what will you do with all of your time? Actually this is the best time of your life to get creative and explore your talents like never before.

Don’t even think that you are too old to try something new. Grandma Moses started painting in her seventies, and she lived to be 101. Throughout all of those years she was quite the prolific painter. She received positive criticism, was highly honored, and now her paintings are famous.

Why now? Well, you have more time, have life experiences to draw upon, and have developed more patience. Creating through art is also very relaxing, therapeutic, and keeps the mind working. Painting, sculpting, woodworking, quilting, etc…the possibilities are endless. Don’t know where to start? Take a class or read up on your favorite subject at the local library.

The majority of my art students have retired and come to Kauai not only to relax, but also to explore their creativity. With all of the beautiful scenery on this island, they have come to the right place!

Keep creating and Aloha!