Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love Will Keep Us Together (Part II of my Valentine's Day Post)

I had such a fun time with my Valentine's Day post, I decided to add a few more art pieces from my VAST teammates. I asked each of them to tell us, "What does Valentine's Day mean to you?"


Janyce - "My BF and I have been together 11 years and Valentine's Day isn't a big deal for us. We make it a point to celebrate each other in small ways every day of the year...not just on holidays. I will probably get myself a box of chocolates, though! :0)"
Lily - 1. What does Valentine's Day mean to you? "It makes me think about love more and really cherish what I have." 2. How do you plan to celebrate Valentine's Day? "I don't celebrate Valentine's Day with my husband usually. But I use this opportunity to connect to my friends via SMS or gathering." 3. Tell me about the love of your life. "First my family. Art is the second love of my life."
Julie - "Valentine's Day to me, is really a day where you dedicate time to spend with the one you love. I don't think presents or gifts are necessary...just a day where you put everything else aside. My plan for Valentines Day? Some friends are having a belated Chinese New Years celebration, so we're going to spend it with friends! I met the love of my life 11 years ago, my freshman year at Roger Williams University. He lived 2 dorm rooms down from me and he made fun of the RA at the first hall-meeting...so I knew at that point, I would make him mine! We now live in Rhode Island with our doggie and everyday of my life, he makes me feel like it's that first day of college all over again."

Evie - "Valentine's Day reminds me that I only ever once sent a card when I was 16. It was a joyful feeling I got imagining how 'he' would react when he opened the card. It is one of the happiest celebrations in the year destined to make us all feel loved and treasured."

Jo - "To me Valentines day is a day to give (and receive) a homemade card and hand made gift to my husband of 10 years. We have a tradition of sitting down to a home cooked Italian meal, with fine Italian wine, candles, conversation and music, all in front of our roaring log fire in our Cornish seaside cottage. We like to push the boat out with a multi course meal Italian Style because we lived in Italy when we got decided to wed and we had our wedding in Tuscany with all of our Italian friends and our family flew in from the UK and Africa to join us."

Anitra - What does Valentine's Day mean to you? "Lot's and Lot's of Chocolate! When Two Hearts Blend Into One!"
Aloha from Kauai and Have a Wonderful Valentine's Day!!!


kin'xp said...
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cuteartworld said...

Thank you so much for featuring my art on Kauai Artist Presents Painting Paradise!

Jo Bradford said...

Beautifully romantic!! Thanks for featuring my work on your blog and may I take this opportunity to say that your own work is wonderful as ever!!

Linden said...

How sweet and romantic stuff for Valentines Day...

artangel said...

Another wonderful post Marionette - I've really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on and plans for Valentines Day - it's always nice to focus for a while on all the love in the world!

sojournquilts said...

So fun to see everyone's work and read the Valentine stories. I'm honored you chose one of my ACEOs to post on your blog. Much appreciated! Cheers!--Janyce

maryeb said...

I found you through Jean's blog and had to check out your site.
Your work is so lovely.

Jean Levert Hood said...

another wonderful Valentine's Day treat, Marionette! Thank you for a look at more beautiful work.

Schar Freeman said...

a wonderful tribute to love and all these wonderful artists freinds. Ii's great to see so many of our talented ladies here Marionette...great posts!