Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Fun on Kauai

Fishing, swimming, watching the turtles and monk seals, and snacking are among some of our favorite activities on Kauai's south shore.  This summer we have decided to make time to go fishing about once a week as it is something we both really love to do.  So here is a snapshot of some of our adventures so far:
I caught this nice 10" kumu fish at the Kukui'ula Boat harbor.  In between fishing we were able to marvel at Spouting Horn off in the distance.  Plus we saw this cute guy:
He's a real Hawaiian Monk Seal just taking a nice snooze on the beach.  And here's the next thing I caught.....
.....a baby moray eel!  Watch out for these as they have razor sharp teeth.  We threw him back in the ocean.
After all of that "hard work", we had some lunch at Keoki's Paradise and celebrated with a nice, big slice of Hula Pie (ice cream, chocolate, macadamia nuts, and whipped cream). Mmmmm!
On another fishing day at Poipu Beach, we saw this sea turtle, and then yet on another day we saw this turtle:
It seems that the turtle population is really making a come back on Kauai.  I don't remember seeing this many turtles actually "on" the beach.
Here's a nice shot of the famous Poipu Beach on a clear and sunny day. Of course you will see plenty...
...chickens and roosters!  We always bring some extra snacks to feed the birds:
Here is Joe playing around with the little sparrows.  They are so used to people that they will take the food right out of your hand!
And, mama hen is giving us the "stink eye".  "Where's my snack, you guys???"  Speaking of snacks, here is one of Joe's all time favorites:
Shave ice from the Deli at Brennecke's...also known as snow cones...but where's the snow in Hawaii?
 And here is Brennecke's restaurant.  Get the Kama'aina pupu platter...it's so ONO!!!
Here I am preparing to take a dip in the ocean.  We are lucky to live Kauai :-)
Here's Joe getting a reel set up for some visiting friends at Kekaha Beach.  The sand and waves there are amazing!!!
Just look at that pristine beach!!!!
Aloha and Mahalo from Joe and Marionette :-)

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