Friday, January 21, 2011

Sumi Society

I was recently invited by Casey Shannon to join this lovely Sumi Society! Above is our first group video showcasing our artwork. The music is great too!

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International Chinese Calligraphic Art and Ink Painting Artist Society
North American Branch Members

North American Branch Director
Casey Shannon ~ Carmel, CA.

Leaves of Life by Casey Shannon

Marionette Tabonair ~ Lawai, HI

Japanese Iris by Marionette Tabonair

Marc Bauer-Maison ~ Ontario, Canada

Contemplation by Marc Bauer-Maison

Manuel Garcia de la Cruz ~ Alicante, Spain

Winter Sumi-e by MGCruz

Ren Adams ~ Albuquerque, NM

Three Peaks by Ren Adams

Izumi Harris ~ Spokane, WA

Patches by Izumi Harris

Tai Oi Yee ~ Ontario, Canada

Like Fish with Water by Tai Oi Yee


jen said...

those are really great!! I literally just pulled out my sumi stuff to make a postcard for a friend today!! I have not tried any color yet, though...
nice job!

Mary said...

Thank you for posting this delightful video, Marionette. Your sumi work is truly lovely, and it's fun to see the variations in interpretation among your group of artists--both soothing and inspiring to view.

Ren said...

Thank you so much for including my mountain landscape!