Friday, October 16, 2009

Facebook Art Competition Entries

Feeding Time Original Watercolor with Pen & Ink

Autumn in Paradise Original Watercolor with Pen & Ink

I was recently invited to participate in The First Annual Autumn Arts Painting Challenge and Competition on Facebook by my good friend and amazing artist, Jean Levert Hood. I knew this would be a challenge for me since we don't really have an "Autumn" here on Kauai. So, I decided to interpret this challenge in my own way. I painted "Feeding Time" using fall colors like yellow, orange, and violet, and "Autumn in Paradise" is my version of a quaint little beach cottage that one may visit during the fall months. We do have pumpkins here on Kauai and plenty of chickens!

More about this event: We invite you to enter the excitement and the artistic adventure of October's autumn season of colors. Art works may be representational, impressionistic or abstract. Capture your chosen subject with the media of your choice.

All paintings MUST BE NEW & ORIGINAL WORKS of ART painted during the month of October, 2009. They also must be created without the aid of a teacher and not done in a workshop or any usage of someone else's photographs or magazine/book photographs. They must be totally of your own idea & concept from beginning to completion.

You will have till October 31st to post your entries, although you may post each piece as completed throughout the month. ONLY three (3) submissions per artist.

It's totally free to enter and they have some fabulous prizes lined up. You do need to be on Facebook in order to participate. You can find me on Facebook at .

Happy Autumn and Happy Painting,

3 comments: said...

an interesting piece that i like very much

Rumney Exclusive canvas paintings

Jean Levert Hood said...

Thank you for blogging the competition, Marionette!! It's been quite an adventure putting this on. We've had more questions this week from artist with no obvious fall colors ( like where I live ) and are thrilled for folks to interpret THEIR fall!

Big hugs my friend,

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Good luck with the challenge Marionette, Autumn in Paradise is great. Lesley