Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two Acrylic Paintings

I'm back! I haven't been posting to my blog recently since my internet connection was acting up. That was actually a good thing since I had more time to finish some new (and not so new) paintings. The second painting, Water Garden, took me almost two years to finish. I started working on it about the time I opened my studio, Painting Paradise, but then put it away to work on other projects. I recently found it in a corner of my studio and made it a priority. I finished it this week, but had some paint left over (I don't like to waste good paint :-) so, I thought I would get out another piece of canvas and work on a new painting, Rhythm of the Ocean, below. Surprisingly, I completed it in one day! It just goes to show you that a painting may take anywhere from two years to one day! You just never know. Hope you enjoy them both!

Water Garden

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Aloha from Kauai,


Edoen Kang said...

Hi Marionette,

Beautiful paintings ! I love the colors you used on the leaves.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Wow!~! These are gorgeous, Marionette! The water in the top one is amazing. Bravo!!

Schar Freeman said...

Wow indeed Marionette!!! I agree with Jean..Bravo!!!

Rhythm of the Ocean is my favorite..amazing movement of the ocean and great perspective!

Water Garden is so peaceful with the palette you used...congrats of seeing this one into completion!

Kathy said...

You captured "paradise" very well in your lovely paintings.

Sharonkay said...

Hi Marionette. This painting is really lovely. I have always liked water lilies and lotuses. I added some pics on my blog of one of the silk paintings that I have been working on. When you have the time, please feel free to read my blog. I plan to have some better pics taken later on this year of my silk paintings by a professional photographer. The one that's featured on my blog for June is not a great photo since I took it myself.