Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Baby Beach Bungalow" Step-By-Step

A few weeks ago I received a commision painting job from Sherri. She and her husband were visiting the island of Kauai on their honeymoon (Congratulations!), and she wanted to have a painting created of the bungalow where they stayed.

She came across my website and loved the style of my Kauai Coffee Visitor Center painting and wanted something similar. After a few emails (we've never met in person), I took my camera and headed out to the famous "Baby Beach" of Kauai's south shore. I snapped several pics of the house and also a few of the beach itself (look for an upcoming painting of this one in a future post).

Well, I always wanted to capture the "steps" that I take to create an acrylic painting. So I remined myself to take a picture every so often while working on this piece. In my acrylics classes, I always stress the importance of blocking in the major colors and shapes before painting the details. This is what you see in step #1. I love the bright blue color of the sky here in Kauai!

Step #1
Next, I started to slowly develop the painting. Added a few details, but mostly working on the underpainting. Acrylic paint can be very opaque especially when mixed with titanium white. Therefore, if you make a mistake at this point, you can cover it up and keep on paintin'!

Step #2
In Step #3 I started to develop more of the house, porch and garden. I didn't like the blue color I put on the left-hand side of the house because it looked too much like sky, so I greyed it out a bit. This was challenging to get the right shade.
Step #3
Finally, I started to work more on the palm trees on the sides. I wanted to get a lot of detail in the underpainting part of the trees. Lots of details in the background without worrying about the foreground until last.

Step #4
In Step #5, I worked on more detail of the house and palm trees. I also painted the adorable coconut that was so appropriately placed near the entrance to the house!

Step #5
Drum roll please! LOL! Here's the final version of the painting! I hope Sherri likes it! I spent lots of time on the palm tree details. Whew!

Baby Beach Bungalow
11"x14" on Canvas (painted on the edges in a Gallery Wrap Style)

Baby Beach Bungalow (Detail)

Hope you have enjoyed this demo of my acrylic painting technique! I offer classes in acrylics, watercolor, silk painting, scratchboard, drawing, and soon to add a class in pastels! I teach Tuesdays through Saturdays at my Waimea studio on the island of Kauai! All materials are provided so you can drop in anytime to experience the "Creation of ART"!
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Jordanka Yaretz said...

It's beautiful,you absolutely inspire me.
I think they would love it.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Marionette -

This is absolutely wonderful to see this painting step by step - I love your work!!

~ Diane Clancy

kae1crafts said...

Hi Marionette,

I loved this entry. I'm a beginning painter so all the wonderful tips that you more experienced artists share are cherished. Thanks for sharing and the painting is beautiful. She is a lucky lady twice - newly married and having such a lovely painting.

Kae of Kae1Crafts

Mystic Silks said...

I would love to drop into your studio for a class in anything--:)

Just to be there would be heaven--:)

Great instructions on painting step by step---:)

Michele Reed said...

Absolutely amazing!! I love to see the step-by-step process of your artwork!

artbylmr said...

WOW - I do love your sense of color! I wonder if my hubby would let me take one of your classes;) I won't tell him it is in Kauai.


Jean Lurssen said...

Thanks for sharing the process of a beautiful successful painting. How happy the young couple must be.