Thursday, February 7, 2008

How to Make TIME for your Art

One of the most difficult aspects about creating art is finding the time to do so. Everything seems to get in the way. The house needs cleaning. The laundry is piling up. The car needs a good washing. Well, you get the idea. Finding time to make art is a lot like finding time to exercise. Excuses are made. Another day goes by. Another month goes by. However, there is a way to take charge and carve out some time from your precious schedule for art.

First, find a place where you can set up a mini art studio. All you need is a table (six feet long and foldable if possible), a chair, a radio or CD player, good lighting, some art supplies, and a great imagination. If you can find your own room to do so, great! If you can find a corner of a room to use, then this is good too (provided that children and pets can't get into your supplies.) You also need a place where you can spend any length of time, from a few minutes to a few hours, to create art without having to set up and take down all of your supplies every time. This will greatly increase your chances and motivation to paint, draw, or whatever!

Next, make an appointment with yourself! Yes, actually schedule some time for your art whether it is one hour every day or a three hour block on Wednesdays. Put it on the family calendar, program it into your cell phone or PDA, or put a note on the fridge. Whatever it takes, let your friends and family know that you will be unavailable during this time period. Total peace and quiet is essential to get the creative juices flowing. Also, once you are in your space, try to get rid of as many distractions as possible (like annoying cell phones.) Once you start creating, you will find it easier to find the time to sneak back into your art sanctuary.

Finally, if the suggestions so far aren't working, or you need more motivation, then I suggest taking an art class or workshop. Once you have committed to taking the class, you will feel obligated to attend. Then, once you start attending, you will get into the art "mode". It is a great place to meet other artists, learn new techniques, and find time for your art!

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